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Reasons to Consider Building in a Housing Estate

Reasons to Consider Building in a Housing Estate

There are a variety of choices available to buyers when searching for their dream home. Although, in today’s property market it can be difficult to find the ideal fit for you and your family. This is where a house and land package comes in. Building in a newly developed housing estate enables you to design and create a house that perfectly suits your needs, without having to compromise on your desires.

The Benefits of a Housing Estate

Many buyers have a preference to buy a completely new property or build their own, allowing them to customise every aspect of their new home. Whilst this can be difficult in the current property market, due to a limited availability of vacant blocks of land, housing estates offer a fantastic option for buyers who are keen to have their input in all aspects of the design and build process and surround themselves with great amenities. Here is a list of further reasons that a housing estate may be the perfect fit for you!

Design Input and Oversight

You have the flexibility to choose many customisation options for your new home, that you would otherwise not have the opportunity to do with an already-built property. A house and land package in a housing estate gives you the ability to choose the perfect fit in terms of the size of the block of land and the building company. You are able to customise the type of façade and various other designs for your home. You have the freedom to select all aspects of inclusions, such as the interior colour scheme, fixtures and fittings, and the appliances you require.

First Home Buyers Grant and Potential Tax Deductions for Investors

If you are a first home buyer, you may be eligible for the first home buyers grant. In Queensland, you can currently receive around $15,000 towards your home, which is a fantastic opportunity.

Investors could also claim a potential tax deduction for depreciable assets such as the construction cost and fixtures and fittings of the newly constructed property. Other tax claims could be toward legal fees, property management fees and interest, which will reduce your taxable income for each financial year.

Savings on Stamp Duty

As you are building a new property, you would only have to pay stamp duty costs on the value of the land (as opposed to the house and land separately), which is quite a considerable saving. When considering a typical land and house package of $450,000, a saving of around $8000 will be made in stamp duty costs.

New Property

Perhaps one of the best benefits of building on a housing estate is that you will have a brand-new home that you have designed for your own needs and comfort. Alternatively, if utilising the property as an investment, it will be easier to rent to tenants, as it is a new property, with modern up-to-date design, fittings and fixtures and warranties.

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