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As a builder, Bullfrog Constructions is fast growing a reputation of reliability, professionalism and consistency. Our success is based around delivering results that are beyond expectation, on time and budget. Our growing list of satisfied clients backs this up.


We cater for any vision or needs.  Whether it is building the perfect investment property, managing your next development project or building your own piece of paradise, Team Bullfrog can make it happen for you!

We pride ourselves on our transparency, customer service and ethics. Satisfied customers are our number one priority and are protected by a 6 year Master Builders Warranty on Workmanship.  Our reputation as an outstanding local builder is important to us.

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As a Bullfrog Constructions client, you will have your own private online account created. From here you will be able to keep in direct contact with Team Bullfrog.  You will also be able to view a diary and gallery of your dream home’s progress.

Another reason to build with Bullfrog Constructions is flexibility. Alterations can be made throughout the build process.  These can also be viewed online in your private account. Contact will be made by Team Bullfrog during this process.  This makes sure that you understand everything involved in your dream build.

A simple step by step solution

Our five step process is the foundation of your success

Step 1

Initial Meeting

Right from the initial inquiry the client will contact us, my team will speak to them, get some details off them and find out what it is they’re chasing and whether they are going to be the right fit for us as a builder and vice versa for us back to them.

Step 2


Using our own drafting services, create your own individually designed home exactly the way you imagine or choose from our range of packages.

We have a draftsman who will go back and forth multiple times with the client, until we get the plan absolutely spot on. From there, we’ll do a soil test on the land and make sure we design the home to suit that land.

Step 3


If they’re happy with that, then we’ll step forward and do the build contract itself and get underway. We want our clients to feel like we’ve got open ams to them, so we’d love for them to give us a call, if they got any more queries or questions that may come up or they just wanted to have a chat with the owner of the business, give me a call and we’ll help you out.

Step 4

Send Plan

If the client’s are happy with what we’re doing, we wanna step forward and go into a preliminary contract. In that prelim contract, that’s where we start to get into the concept, the design and make a house suit the block of land, so that it has function, so it has the aspect, airflow, what the neighbours are doing… all those things… so it’s actually a home, not just a building.

Step 5

Council Approval

We’ll do a soil test on the land and make sure we design the home to suit that land; including the slab and footing foundations, and then we’ll go and do energy efficiency so that we’ve got the right amount of insulation in, and achieve the right star writing for the home. We’ll then go and do the tender and specifications.

Any questions or queries for Bullfrog Constructions

We make sure our clients are happy before any signatures are needed.

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The Bullfrog Team

Nathan Parker

Owner / Manager

Robert Templeton

Project Manager

Tiane Walker

Client Liason

Kate Davis


Drewe Kohl

Site Supervisor

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